Friday, January 28, 2011

Mr Toad and the Stone of Destiny Releases, a Scottish Fantasy Adventure

Lochshore eBooks announces the publication of Mr Toad and the Stone of Destiny, an e-book fantasy adventure for young readers ages 8-15 based on real events in 16th century Scotland

It's the first book in a series introducing the character Mr. Toad on a special boat in a gateway between worlds. Four young friends are on holiday in Scotland's West Highlands and Hebrides and find themselves on a mission to prevent bloodshed between clans Maclean and Campbell. They return to the present but their quest is not over... 

The e-book has Google Earth 3D maps allowing readers to follow the geography of action. An integral website at carries links to sites on Scottish legends, history, and the natural world. There’s an online Gallery of 30 illustrations from the book and readers can add their own drawings.

In a press release, Author Patrick Baird says that from the moment he first saw an iPad, he realized his book should be published on advanced e-reading devices. 
"You can’t click a link in a printed book and find yourself flying over a 3D moving map of the scene of the action. Or zoom in on a picture of how a castle really looked 500 years ago."

Sales of e-book readers and e-books are rising dramatically. According to an article in USA Today on Christmas Day leading bookseller Barnes & Noble sold 1 million e-books. E-books accounted for about 9% of total book sales in the USA during 2010.
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