Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Huntingtower Castle, Scotland

Huntingtower Castle was originally known as Ruthven Castle, built in stages by the Ruthven family in the 15th century near Perth, the center of Scotland. 

In the summer of 1582, Lord Ruthven was involved in a plot to kidnap young King James VI, son of Mary, Queen of Scots. They held the lad as a prisoner for ten months. Through the "Raid of Ruthven" Protestant leaders hoped to gain power by controlling the king, who managed to escape. The king forgave Lord Ruthven, but he made the mistake of a second attempt at which time he was executed and his property forfeited to the crown.  

The lands were eventually restored to the Ruthven family, but in 1600, two Ruthven brothers plotted to kill King VI again. Both were executed and the name Ruthven abolished. No succeeding heirs could hold titles and the castle was renamed Huntingtower Castle by royal proclamation. 

The property remained in the hands of the crown until it was given to the family of Murray of Tullibardine in 1643. John Murray, 1st Duke of Athol resided in the castle in 1717 with his wife, Lady Mary Ross. 

Huntingtower Castle is now managed by Historic Scotland and open to the public for visitation. 

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Celtic Heart of the Month

Jennifer Hudson Taylor, author of Highland Blessings is featured as the Celtic Heart of the Month on Celtic Hearts Romance Writers. In this interview she offers a candid glimpse into her writing routine, her take on love scenes in a romance, and free Kindle give-aways. 

Check it out here:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scottish Society Marching in Charleston Christmas Parade

On December 5th the Scottish Society will be marching in the 2010 Charleston Christmas Parade. The event will begin at 2:00 pm. The location of the parade will start at the intersection of Calhoun and Meeting Streets, will proceed down King Street to Broad Street to Lockwood Blvd. The Scottish Society members participating will be wearing their kilts and will gather at the Knights of Columbus Hall shortly before 2 pm. The holiday tradition is better than ever as bands, floats, marchers and performers parade through downtown Charleston. 

Join the event on Facebook.

Join the Scottish Society on Facebook.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

F's Female Celtic & Gaelic Names

Fallon - Leader

Fearchara, Fearcharia - Dear one

Fedelm - Wife of Loegaire, myth name 

Fenella, Finella, Finola  - White shoulders
(Celtic, Irish, Scottish)

Fia - Dark of peace

Fidelma - Saint name

Findabair - Daughter of Medb, myth name

Fineena - Beautiful child

Fiona - Fair one
(Celtic, Gaelic, Scottish)

Fionnghuala - Flower

Firtha - Arm of the sea

Flanna - Legendary tale, red-haired

(Celtic, Gaelic, Irish) 

Forba, Forbia - Headstrong

Fyfa - From Fifeshire