Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kinnaird Head Lighthouse Castle

Kinnaird lighthouse was built inside the remains of Kinnaird Castle in Fraserburgh of Aberdeenshire in 1787 by Thomas Smith, an engineer who was a member of the Northern Lighthouse Board. The small town of Fraserburgh was developed from a fishing haven by Sir Alexander Fraser of Philorth with the approval of Mary, Queen of Scots in 1545. It was known as a haven of refuge for ships that were overtaken by storms. Kinnaird Lighthouse is the first documented lighthouse built in Scotland. It is also the site of the first radio beacon in Scotland in 1929.

It has a stone Wine Tower on the edge of the cliff where a tale of tragedy has passed down from generation to generation. According to legend, A daughter of the house fell in love with a piper who was imprisoned by her father in a cave beneath the tower. He drowned by high tide. Grieved and heartbroken, the lass jumped to her death.

The links below will take you off this blog to other photos. Be sure to view the arial photos. It will give you a real feel of the place and it's location to the rocky shores of Scotland.

  • Kinnaird Head Lighthouse Castle
  • Aerial views of Kinnaird Lighthouse
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