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Frazier Family of North Carolina

Our Frazier line comes from Clan Fraser. My 6th great-grandfather was George Thomas Fraizer born about 1725 in Inverness, Scotland. He died about 1790 in Guilford County, NC.

You won't find our Fraizer family listed in Douglas Kelly's "Carolina Scots" because they didn't come by way of the Cape Fear River t
o the Carolina coast. Nor are they recorded in the historical books of the Presbyterian churches, the predominant faith of most Scots at this time.

George Thomas Fraizer arrived in Pennsylvania. Some records indicate around York County. Since Pennsylvania was the foundation of the Quaker religion in
America, George might have converted to Quakerism at this time. The Quakers kept excellent records that have survived the last couple of centuries, and it is by these records we have been able to trace George Thomas Frazier and his descendants.

They cam
e down "The Great Wagon Road" to North Carolina settling in Orange County, which later became Guilford County. The Quakers first established New Garden Friends Meeting, which became the cornerstone of all the other Quaker churches in the south. Later they established Centre Friends Meeting about 1752 in southeast Guilford County near the Randolph County border. My Frazier ancestors helped with the early establishment of this church. The first photo of this post is of a monument with a sketched inscription of what the original church looked like. The second photo is a memorial to the James Fraizer family who is recorded in the records as being buried here, but no tombstone has survived. This is also the case with my 3rd great-grandmother, Nancy Frazier Saferight.

The Frasers of Scotland are descended from three brothers who arrived in 1066, according to Master James Fraser, 17th century minister of Wardlaw-Kirkhill on the south shore of Beauly Firth. Two main Fraser lines evolved in northern Scotland. One was through Sir Alexander Fraser who married Bruce's sister. This family line held Cairnburg Castle, Aberdeenshire. The other family line is from Sir Simon Fraser, brother of Alexander, who founded the House of Lovat in Inverness-shire.

The lands of Fraser Castle (shown in the photo on the left) was given by James II in exchange for land near Stirling in 1454. Today's castle was built by Lord Fraser in 1633. Cluny Castle nearby was also a Fraser landmark. Fraser Castle is now owned and operated by The National Trust of Scotland. The castle is open for visitation.

There are so many insightful details to Clan Fraser and their contribution to Scotland that I'll be cov
ering them in various upcoming posts. In the meantime, if you are interested in joining Clan Frasier, visit their website for more information.

Clan Fraser of North America
Clan Fraser of Scotland and the United Kingdom

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  1. thanks for the information on my Family history, if it is actually mine!!! I gat a few questions i hope u can assist with . I am a black bahamian from the bahamas, we r settled in eleuthera. I need to know if we are an official clan line, or was the name given by our master during the slave peroid, and if so, i can sure use some help tracing where your ancestors brought me from. thank u & "our hope is in the Lord"

  2. Thanks for the information and your hard work. I descend from George Thomas; Thomas; David; Vincent; Robert Nathaniel; Harmon and Mae Frazier. I appreciate any info in learning about my heritage. JT Brown, Oklahoma City.

  3. Perforrm247, Your line probably received your name from your owners. As to where your line came from, that would require further investigation. My direct line did not stay there and so I've not tried to do more research.

  4. JT Brown,

    I do not have any information on George Thomas Frazier's son, Thomas. I have children listed for Thomas' brothers, Isaac and John. Here is a link to my family GEDCOM file on

  5. George Thomas Frazier is my sixth great-grandfather too which I believe makes us related. I can't find any information in respect to his parents & ancestors. Below is a list of how I am related to George Thomas Frazier. They are all males until the birth of my grandma, my mother, & me.
    George Thomas Frazier (1725-1790)is my 6th great grandfather
    Thomas Frazier (1757 - 1844)GGGGG
    Thomas Frazier Jr(1789 - 1836)GGGG
    John Jackson Frazier (1820 - 1884)GGG
    Daniel Thomas Frazier (1842 - 1921)GG
    Alva Frazier (1869 - about 1903)Great Grandfather
    Mary Irene Frazier (1901 - 1975)My Grandma
    Joyce JoAnne Neal (1934 - 2007)My Mom
    Vicki Johnson Kenter Me

  6. My cousin and I are decedents of Gorge Thomas Frazier. we are Researching that his father is Simon Frazier/Simeon Frazier but it lookes like the last name has changed from Frazier to Frasier. Does anyone know if this is correct? Or if this is still the same bloodline?
    If anyone would like to contact me my email is
    or this is my cousin)
    We are always looking for new family members!
    My lines are:
    George Thomas Frazier
    Thomas Frazier
    David Frazier
    John C. Frazier
    James Nathan Frazier
    James Joseph Frazier
    James Henry Frazier
    Darrell Elbert Frazier
    Eddie Louis Frazier
    And me Jessie Nicole Frazier!!!

  7. I'm looking for Thomas Jefferson Fraser (1802- 1860) son of Mordecai (about 1775) and Mary Fraser. Do you have either of them in your line?Thomas also had a brother named Lewis (1807-1887). If you have any information I would really appreciate it. Email me @

    Thank you

  8. Yes I believe that I am a direct descendent to the fraser. I would like to get in contact with you and see if these frasers are the ones I'm looking for. Contact me at

  9. I am Bruce Alexander Frazier Jr. My father the same grandfather Stanley Alexander Frazier. Im from Norfolk, Va my father as well but i think my granddad is from Ga.

  10. So excited to find this. George Thomas Frazier was my fourth great-grandfather! So happy to find out that I have Quaker ancestors. When I read about the Quakers in Orange, North Carolina I hoped that the Fraziers were among them!

  11. Hi again. My line:
    George Thomas...Mary Pugh (Maria?)
    William Frazier...Zilpha Hays (Hayes)
    George Jackson Campbell...Mary M Frazier
    Madison Gash....Sarah Jane Campbell
    Isaac Harrison Eason...Parala Gash
    Leslie Eason...Ola Ruth Thomas
    My sisters and me!

  12. One more comment if you don't mind. I was just at, run by LDS Church. George Thomas is listed as having three fathers, depending on which link:
    1) John Frazier/Mary or Mary Falconer, linking them directly from Aberdeen, Scotland to North Carolina. Mary
    2) Alexander Frazier, linking to Philadelphia (his death)
    3) Lord Lovat Simon Fox Frazer/Mary Falconer. Mary here is said to have been born in Virginia, died in York, PA.
    Any idea which may be correct?

  13. I am also interested in information of the parents of George Thomas 1725. I have heard he is a "natural" child of Simon the Fox Fraser and Mary Falconer, but have not seen evidence. Anyone know more about this? My connection to George Thomas is as follows:
    George Thomas Frazier 1725
    Francis Henry Frazier 1766
    John Frazier 1786
    Francis Henry Frazier 1811
    Nathan Frank Frazier 1846
    Nathan Frank Frazier II 1882
    Nathan Frank Frazier III 1911
    Nathan Frank Frazier IV 1937
    Me-Carol Frazier

  14. Hello cousins, George Thomas Frazier 1725-1790 is my 7th great grandfather. My paternal line from the family bible (unfortunately destroyed in a house fire) as follows:
    George Thomas 1725-1790
    Thomas 1752-1842
    David 1782-1850
    John C 1803-1868
    James Nathan 1822-1896
    James Joseph 1858-1918
    James Henry 1886-1965
    Dow Patric 1908-1982 my grandfather
    Kenneth Robert my father
    Me-Bryan Frazier
    We are interested to know who Nancy Frazier Saferight married? My wife's great, great grandmother is Margery Saferight m. Benjamin Morris Webb. Her father was John Saferight, John, Margery and Benjamin are buried next to each other at Cedarvale Cemetery, Neosho Falls, Kansas.

    John's aunt Rebecca married Isaac Frazier b.1763, d.1846 son of George Thomas Frazier, as recorded Westfield MM, Hamilton County, Indiana.
    Any information about Nancy Frazier Saferight would be greatly appreciated as we have reference to a Nancy in our history file with no parental or sibling links at present.

  15. You all might be interested in the Chronicles of the Frasers: The Wardlaw manuscript.
    The True Genealogy of the Frasers 916-1674 By James Fraser.

  16. Just before Christmas I received my new copy of Family Tree Maker for Windows 8, so now I finally have access to my Gedcom files. After I've had time to look through a few things I'll get back to you on Nancy Saferight Fraizer. I think I have some copies of old wills and deeds that mention her and her husband.

  17. Thank you Jennifer, ,y wife and I look forward to hearing from you.
    You may email directly to

  18. I believe that I am a descendant of John Frazier, Thomas Frazier, Thomas Frazier, Ida Florence Frazier Coffer , Herbert Coffer, Shirley Coffer Day I am trying to find more information to tie my loose ends. I am on and have dna matches but would love more direct, writings etc.

  19. Hello ) Pam Day Winters
    My line is
    John Frazier, Thomas Frazier, Thomas Frazier, Ida Florence Frazier Coffer, Herbert Coffer, Shirley Coffer Day, and Me Pam Day Winters
    Anyone have any photos memories etc. that they might like to share?

  20. I'm from Frazier family in Western New York anyone have information that may help me find more about my family

  21. Any one related to Frazier's in New York

  22. I found this web site by googling "George Thomas Frazier 1725-1790" This is my family line, starting with George's son John:
    John Frazier 1769-1820
    James Frazier 1790-1848
    John Frazier 1814-1885
    John Wesley Frazier 1864-1952
    Verna Mae Frazier (who was my great grandmother)
    Does anyone know more information about George's father, "Father Frazier" who was born in 1700 and died in 1751, or any Frazier history past Father Frazier?

  23. Hello cousins! I happened upon this blog by accident, doing research on my Frazier Family.
    I am a direct descendant of George Thomas Frazier, as follows:

    George Thomas 1724 - 1790 - 5th great grandfather
    James M. 1772 - 1822 - 4th great grandfather
    Isaiah Clarkson 1815 - 1900 - 3rd great grandfather
    Samuel Ellis 1839 - 1917 - 2nd great grandfather
    Levi Bunker 1863 - 1938 - great grandfather
    Samuel Ellis 1909 - 1994 - grandfather
    Floyd Ellis 1932 - living - father

    Tamara Frazier - me. 1970

    The Frazier's in my direct lineage migrated from North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Washington State and Oregon.
    Feel free to reach out to me via email.

    Best Wishes!

  24. Hello cousins!

    I'm so glad I found this site, too! I'm also researching my Frazier roots, but I'm stuck at William Thomas Frazier (1822 - 1873), born in Virginia. He later moved to Texas with his wife, Nancy Jane Brock. I can't seem to find his parents, but I've been told his father may also have named William T (or M?) Frazier, and I suspect he was born in the mid 1790s. If anyone has any information that might link up to this vague description, please send me a message on my blog, listed.

    I descend from William's son, Samuel T. Frazier, and most of that line has settled in NE Oklahoma. Incidentally, I finally got to visit Castle Fraser this past fall, and it is absolutely gorgeous! As is Aberdeenshire.

  25. Jennifer, you endorsed my book, Land of My Dreams in 2014. I also have Frazier roots and am totally baffled by the family line through George Thomas Frazier. I find more claims that he was a son of Simon "The Fox" than I do that he was not. However, The Peerage does not support that Simon ever had a wife named Mary Margaret Falconer, a mistress perhaps? My line is as follows:
    Huldah Jane Joy - 1829
    Huldah Elizabeth Frazier - 1812
    John William Frazier - 1769
    George Thomas Frazier - 1725
    Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat - 1667.
    Any advice on clearing this up?

  26. Hello, I'm looking for the parents and ancestry or Sarah Frazier Philpott born 1809 ( TN) died IA 1841. She is my 3rd great bgrandmother. Any info would be great!

  27. I have a brick wall with William Frazier on finding his parents. He lived in South Carolina and died around 1840. Do not know where he was born. I am on his line through son Uriah Frazier who eventually settled in North Louisiana. Wonder if he was related to your George Thomas Frazier. Thanks for any help!

  28. My family the Frazier's came from Scotland and it wasn't recently I just found out that our last name is a name of ministry that had came from the old Gaelic language. My family was highlanders in Scotland and was a supporter of Sir William Wallace, and I have been told that my family has a castle over there. Which was a shock to me. and my great great grandfather Josiah Frazier was a revolutionary war hero and my great-grandfather Andrew Frazier fought in the Civil War on the side of the Confederacy. I still have family down around Tennessee and North Carolina that I have yet never met, but my family is from around down there. I am still am trying to find more about the Frazier family.

  29. Then I may be related to some people on this page because it looks like this article is talking about my family, it wasn't until eight months ago I found out that my family was from Scotland as well and that Frazier Castle was built by my family. My name is John Frazier, there has always been mispronunciations of our last name but was never pronounced the correct way. I found this out by my cousin's son who did a ancestry search on the Frazier family.