Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fordell Castle

King James IV gave the lands of Fordell to the Henderson Clan in 1511, which is now Fife, Scotland. The castle wasn't built until 1567. A bridge leads to the entrance of the castle, past a weir that used to hold back the waters of the Fordell Burn, and a lake that has dried up. Historical records show that Mary, Queen of Scots visited as a guest when Marion Scott, her lady-in-waiting, married George Henderson, the laird.

Unfortunately, the castle was destroyed by fire and had to be rebuilt around 1580. Oliver Cromwell's army nearly destroyed it in 1651. In 1866, the estate passed to Hew Duncan, second son of the Earl of Camperdown through marriage. During the 20th century, the castle was destroyed. Only the remains of the stonework of the foundation existed.

The ruins of Fordell Castle were purchased by Sir Nicholas Fairbairn, a lawyer and politician. He restored the castle and used it as a private residence, living there until as recently as 1997. It then sold to a local veterinary surgeon, and then to a multi-millionare businessman. In November 2007, Fordell Castle was sold as the fifth-highest-priced home ever sold in Scotland and remains a private residence.

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  1. The Henderson Clan are my ansisters. The last name is Stark right now.

  2. I worked at Fordell Castle for 3 years when Sir Nicholas Fairburn owned it so i know quite a bit about the place. For instance did you know about the ice house that was turned into an art gallery or the burn that had orange water. Want to know more?.

    1. My Henderson line is from Fordell. This I learned from Clan Henderson. I would be very interested to know about the castle. Thank you for sharing your information.

    2. My grandmother was a Henderson I'd love to know more.

  3. How badly ruined was Fordell when Nicholas Fairbairn bought it?
    Thank you, Janet Inglis

  4. I am Heather Henderson descended from the Henderson Clan of Fordell