Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Molly's Scottish Clan and Jennifer's Were Enemies

Please welcome guest blogger, Molly Noble Bull, author of historical Christian fiction and Scots-Irish descendant. In this post Molly has been kind enough to share a bit of her heritage. ________________________________________

The Clan Colquhoun originated in Luss, Scotland on Loch Lomand, and my branch changed the spelling of the name from Colquhoun to Calhoun when they arrived in America.

According to legend, the Colquhoun Clan was an ancient enemy of the McGregor (Jennifer's ancestry clan) and McFarland Clans and especially Rob Roy McGregor.

James Patrick Calhoun was born in Donegal Country, North Ireland in 1688 at Crosh House Estate, Newton-Stewart, and County Tyrone, Ireland. His wife, Catharine Montgomery, was born in 1684 at Convoy House, County Donegal, and Londonderry, Ireland. In 1733 they left Ireland and traveled to the United States with their four sons, Ezekiel, William, James and James Patrick Jr., and their married daughter, Mary Catherine Calhoun, and Mary’s husband, John Noble.
My name was Noble before I married, and I am directly descended from John and Mary Catharine Calhoun Noble.

The families first settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where James Patrick Calhoun, Sr., died in 1741. Later, they resettled in Augusta County, Virginia where John Noble died in 1752. After John's death, Mary Catherine Calhoun (Noble) and her children moved with her widowed mother and her four brothers to the Long Cane area of South Carolina near Abbeville.

In late January 1760, the Cherokee Indians began to worry the settlers of the Up-County of South Carolina. On February 1, 1760, the people of the Long Cane Settlement were fleeing to Augusta when the Cherokee attacked them. Twenty-three members of the Long Cane Settlement were killed, including Catherine Montgomery Calhoun, and her son, James Calhoun.

The Long Cane tragedy is personal for me in two ways. My great, great, great, great grandmother was killed in the massacre, and my husband is part Cherokee—the very tribe that killed my ancestor. And of course, all of my descendents are part Calhoun and part Cherokee. My story proves once again that God is good. He can make something good out of a horrible situation.
To see what Luss, Scotland looks like today, visit here.

Sanctuary by Molly Noble Bull begins in France in 1740 and ends in Luss, Scotland. Sanctuary won the 2008 Gayle Wilson Award and tied for first place in the 2008 Winter Rose contest, both for published Inspirational authors. You can learn more about Molly and her books at
http://www.mollynoblebull.com/. Two of her favorite scriptures are Proverbs 30: 4 and Genesis 9: 4.
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  1. What a great family history! Thanks, Molly, for sharing.

    Me, I'm an American melting pot baby. No great heroes. Just folks who worked the land, did their jobs, worshipped their God.

  2. My husband's family fought for the South. Mine for the North, so marriage of former enemies continue. My grandfather was Swedish and my grandmother Norwegian. I understand there was a lot of hard feelings in the past there also. Both my husband and I have ancestors from Scotland and Wales. We hope to visit there someday. I enjoyed reading about your family.

  3. Thanks for writing, Gina and Moonline Sue.
    But there was a mistake in my article. My Calhouns changed the spelling of the name before they arrrived in America, not after. The spelling changed in Ireland a couple of generations before they arrived here.
    Thanks again.

  4. What a wonderful article. I enjoyed the link to the village, too.

  5. Good to read the article by Molly Noble Bull. Molly & I share a Long Cane Settlement/Abbeville SC heritage. My 6th great-grandfather Andrew McComb carved a tombstone to mark the burial place of the 22 killed at the Long Cane Massacre. The stone was commissioned by Patrick Calhoun (father of John C. Calhoun VP of US at one time)That stone still stands in wonderful condition in the woods of Abbeville Co SC.

    The book Sanctuary by Molly is great!! I loved it!! I hope that the characters will end up in Abbeville :)

    Jane McCombs Gillespie

  6. Thanks for writing, Jane. God willing, I will someday write a novel that is set or ends in Abbeville. Abbeville is such a small town. Yet it played a huge part in American history.

  7. It must be wonderful to know so much about your ancestry! Thanks for sharing your findings, Molly. I've lost my opportunity, I fear, to learn anymore about my late husband's connection to Scotland.

  8. This Calhoun family was also my direct descendents, James Patrick Calhoun is one of my Great Grandfathers